Fusion Driver App: Waste Collection is No Longer a Waste of Time

by Katie Williams

Ambrose Fox has developed the Fusion Driver app for Clinical Waste Solutions. The application links directly to Fusion – a bespoke online management system designed and built by us for CWS. The app was designed to be used by drivers to reduce inefficiencies in their daily operations and eliminate time-consuming and costly paperwork.

Our client, Clinical Waste Solutions, provides clinical waste management, collection, and disposal services in the UK. The development of Fusion – a bespoke online platform designed and created by Ambrose Fox to manage CWS’ daily operations – has accommodated the creation of the Fusion Driver app.

Prior to the development of the Fusion Driver app, we spent a day with Steve, a CWS driver, to understand the current daily process for waste collection and disposal at CWS with the aim to identify and eradicate inefficiencies in their existing operations.

Let us begin by painting a picture of a typical workday for Steve:

  • Steve is given a rather large stack of paper with a list of pick-ups and all the details for the waste to be collected from each consignor.
  • At each pick-up, Steve pencils in details of each waste pick-up by hand in his big stack of paper and gets a signature from each customer.
  • When he has finished all of his pick-ups, Steve drops off all of the collected waste at the incinerator to be disposed of – an employee at the incinerator company sifts through Steve’s big stack and signs their name against every single pick-up.
  • Steve returns to the office with the completed large stack of paperwork which is then processed and stored.

The development of the Fusion Driver app has first and foremost eliminated the need for Steve to lug around his big stack of paper. Instead, he gets a shiny, new, and much more compact road companion – an iPad with the Fusion Driver app installed.

While Steve is pleased to be rid of his big stack of paper, at its core the Fusion Driver app is a bespoke system which goes further than eliminating costly and time-consuming manual paperwork to simplify the daily processes at CWS. Each function was carefully thought-out and tailor-made to fit the requirements specific to CWS to help maximise efficiency.

Ambrose Fox designed the Fusion Driver app to link directly to Fusion and provide instant updates in areas such as stock, which ensures CWS can operate with real-time online management of data. This eliminates time-wasting manual list-checking and cross referencing.

Information is readily available and easily accessible through the Fusion Driver app. Last minute changes to driver schedules can be made instantly, while detailed summaries of waste collected are automatically created and always ready to be viewed.

Time is also saved when customers give electronic signatures on the iPad with a simple swipe of the finger and receive electronic collection and disposal notes automatically by email.

To further save time and hassle, the incinerator now signs just once on the app for the disposal of all the collected waste – no more flicking through paper to sign multiple pages by hand.

The Fusion Driver app was developed by Ambrose Fox using React/JavaScript technologies and is designed to work offline for areas without internet connection. This ensures there is no compromise to the maintenance of this newfound simplicity in the management of data and daily operations at CWS.

Steve is no longer fumbling with his large stack of paper. His day is now more structured, coherent, and easily managed from the Fusion Driver app.

This waste management company has been given the tools to manage and eliminate their own waste in the form of excess time, resources, and labour.

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