Examine: The New Examination Platform for ISVPS

by Katie Williams

ISVPS approached Ambrose Fox to design and develop an exam platform to be used in all of their locations around the world.

Examine is an in-browser exam software that allows our client, ISVPS, to hold exams remotely, eliminating the need to design and download any specialist software.

Candidates will be sent a unique link to download a locked version of the exam. They are then sent an unlock code on the day of the exam to ensure security and no unauthorised access prior to the exam date/time.

Once candidates have downloaded the exam, they are able to complete the exam offline. They will need to be online again to submit the exam.

The exam is split into three parts. Each part can be allocated a certain length of time for the candidate to complete (30 minutes, 1 hour).

When candidates are ready to begin, they click ‘Start’ and begin the exam.

Designed with accessibility in mind, candidates can customise their Examine experience and increase font size or select a high contrast display.

A countdown clock at the top allows candidates to keep track of the time available to complete their answers. There are a number of different question types that feature in the exam including multiple choice, classification, text box, and rich text box.

Results are submitted automatically once a candidate completes the exam and selects ‘Finish’.

Examine is fully integrated with ISVPS’ admin software which allows them to view exams that have been submitted and most questions, such as multiple choice, can be marked automatically. Free text answers will be marked by a moderator.

Once candidates complete the exam, Examine purges the examination from their browser so they cannot access it again.

As the world transitions towards remote learning, Examine will help ISVPS to continue to help veterinarians across the world to improve their skills through recognised qualifications.

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