Green Square - A decision-making framework

by Adam Yeadon

When creating or improving software, we need to make it Green Square

Our software empowers our clients, automates and streamlines daily tasks and allows them to better serve their customers. It should be as easy to use and configure as possible.

When creating or improving our clients' software, our decision-making framework is governed by the Green Square.

The Green Square represents the ideal software that the client can manage themselves (DIY) and is SIMPLE to use.

Primarily we aspire to giving our clients total control over their software
(Move from MANAGED to DIY)

Secondarily we aspire to making the software easier to configure and use
(Move from COMPLEX to SIMPLE)

The same methodology applies to how we write and structure the underlying code. After all, whilst we want to create software that is as easy as possible to maintain, our customers want software that is as easy as possible to use and configure. We both want the same thing.