ECVS Recertification in RED

by Katie Williams

Following the successful launch of the RED platform in 2020 to support the evaluation of Residency Programme submissions for the European College of Veterinary Surgeons, Ambrose Fox has expanded the platform to allow ECVS Diplomates to recertify their college memberships.

Recertification in RED by Diplomates – vets who have undergone training to become highly skilled surgical specialists – is achieved by assigning points across a 5 year period to highlight and record their involvement in ECVS meetings, activities as Committee or Board members, continued education, scientific and research activities and other measure to keep up to date with the developments of the profession.

The facility to upload supporting documentation against assigned points in each section in RED allows the reviewing Committee members to easily identify missing files. An issue identified in the previous system was the collection of the two required reference letters, which would often be omitted. The RED system enforces the submission of the reference letters by preventing the ability to submit until these (and all other uploads in sections where points are claimed) are provided.

Uploading all of the evidence to one central hub allows sitting Committee members to easily track an applicant's progress towards evaluation or recertification. All data is displayed on a convenient tabbed table with each tab representing the current status of the submission. Committee members can easily filter and search by applicant name to get to the submission they wish to review. They can then leave feedback via comments on each form for the applicant to address and control each item's status or the overall submission status.

The result is a cleaner, more efficient and expedient process.

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