3M PDF Translator

by Katie Williams

A good marketing strategy is an essential element of building a successful business. Getting the word out there that you exist and are offering a great product or service is paramount to your success. But when your business is operating across multiple countries, could there be an easy way to rapidly roll-out multi-language marketing campaigns?

Our client, 3M, has numerous printed product specification sheets that are usually produced in English before being translated for other markets. They were using local agency support to help update the artwork for these sheets with the new translations. This involved sharing the master artwork files and coordinating with the local agency to make the necessary changes for use in the local language. Creating the translated documents in this way was time-consuming and costly.

Ambrose Fox has created a PDF Translator for 3M to help simplify and speed up the process of producing translated marketing materials. The PDF Translator helps to significantly shorten the time it takes 3M to translate marketing materials whilst eliminating local agency fees.

A master file with the English text and approved template is uploaded by Ambrose Fox. Local 3M marketing managers are then able to edit the text and enter translations via copy and paste. The finished document will then be available to download in print-ready PDFs. All of this is done instantly from their browser without the need for specialist software or local agency support. They can then come back and make small text amends and recreate the PDFs at any time.

The PDF Translator is an efficient tool to help translate texts for rapid international distribution with approved templates allowing for brand consistency across multiple countries. This enables the roll-out of materials to be quick, methodical, and more impactive.

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